I became uncomfortable with Mary Souza’s positions during the 2022 primaries, and after listening to her interviews with Idaho Speaks. You can catch up on those interviews here: https://idahospeaks.com/?s=Souza

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Dear Mary, thank you for your kind words of support. At best, you were a moderate, when you were in office. Always willing to do the bidding of the establishment and the corporate lobbyists.

We are a party which expresses our principles through our platform. You can read it at IDGOP.org. Many who choose to claim our party and put an "R" behind their name substantially violate our principles, yet want to keep the "R."

Our duty to the electorate is to maintain office holders and candidates whose conduct reflects our expressed principles. To that end we seek enforcement of the platform.

If you have a problem with that, Mary, it is telling about your conduct in office.

We want "Republican" to mean what we say we are, so voters can have confidence again. Is such integrity a bad thing, Mary?

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You Souza, You Looza!

She was a Democrat in Disguise (RINO) when she was a Senator. Anyone supporting her, including Brent Regan, should have known better. She stinks. I am glad as hell she is out of office.

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