Deeply troubling. Thank you for exposing and highlighting the insidious nature of this ideology.

Boise school district has a commited player at the helm. Whether he is intentionally grooming the next generation or simply blind, this person needs to be removed.

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This is really sad but completely unsurprising. Thank you for ripping off the Band-Aid, Brian.

All this is happening even as the Idaho Governor touts his IDAHO WORKS for Education (https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/IDGOVOFFICE/bulletins/39607a9):

* Largest-ever state investment in school facilities - $1.5 billion

* Fully funded Idaho LAUNCH workforce training grants for high school grads

* Cut red tape around charter schools and enhanced school choice

And this is happening in most schools, though perhaps in a more clandestine, less in-your-face way. Even rural schools push woke agendas. Many also ask for tax levies to support programs that shouldn't exist in the first place.


* Learn what is really going on the schools. Talk to parents and kids. Ask questions.

* Take your kids out of schools that are not providing quality education or are trying (like Boise) to skirt the mores and laws of society.

* Insist on cutting strings to federal programs and state programs that just look at students as data points.

* Vote NO on all school tax levies, especially now that Idaho is funding schools so heavily.

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