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I just read your analysis of Caldwell’s thesis. That was very eye-opening. Because I don’t view everything in my life as filtered through the lense of race and racism, it’s difficult to accept that this appears to be so endemic in the hearts and minds of so many who will work tirelessly to tear down everything that has come before in our history and culture and believe that this is not only necessary, but better. The lie has now become the only truth that will be accepted by multitudes.

That’s actually quite terrifying.

Who would have thought that the noble sounding “civil rights” would yield such poisoned fruits? It makes it me believe this was done very deliberately but people committed to destroying us from the inside out.

I agree that for those who can recognize the truth from the lie, we must continue to stand against the tide and hold fast to what America truly is meant to be. And somehow, in some ways that I can’t see as yet, God must intervene. These ills are to big for us to handle on our own, as I think ultimately this is a battle between good and evil, writ large across all of the stages of the world.

Articles like you write do help. Thank you for bringing painful clarity to my eyes.

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