One of the biggest complaints and why we end up with RINO's is that the Republican party does not vette the candidates. We should not support candidates just because they have an "R"...by their name. The general public does not have the time to do the research and voting record analysis necessary to determine if a candidate truly represents the conservative values Idaho is supposed to be known for. It is up to the central committees to do that work and provide candidate analysis and distribute that information and recommendations to their voters.

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"Will it be a harbinger of today’s leadership vote?". We can only hope! The Republican party needs to start supporting conservative Idaho values that is supposed to be the bedrock of the Idaho Republican party.

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Thanks for the shout-out to Resolutions Committee Chair, Trent Clark. I have twice served on that committee and always admired how he "held school" on the process as it unfolded. I learned a lot!

On the BIG issue I think one point is too often missed, as it is here. But first, the purpose of the Primary is for the R voters to tell us who they want, not the other way around like the CCP does. But to the issue itself I believe it will badly damage donations. I give my paltry but precious dollars to the Party for use in defeating Democrats. As soon as they are used to defeat fellow Republicans I will keep my money in my wallet. And if I give to my candidate's campaign directly and it is used to fight the Party elite's chosen candidate, then I am campaigning against my own Party. This proposal is VERY shortsighted and will have damaging consequences.

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Brian - Please comment / clarify the specific details of Crossover Voting Resolution.

1. Does this resolution apply only to last-minute **Republican Registration***?

2. Does this (or any other) resolution address donations that would disqualify a voter or candidate?

I support reasonable time restrictions on crossover primary voting (e.g., switch allowed within several months or years; disallowed within weeks or days).

I do not support restricting donations in order to vote in a Republican primary. Donations should be transparent (e.g., via https://sunshine.sos.idaho.gov/) and voters can then follow the money and decide.

I hope the Republican Party will be scrupulous in avoiding any reduction of the Constitutional freedoms we hold dear as it attempts to thwart corruption of its primary elections.

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