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Great assessments, Brian! The down ballot races are incredibly important, as you said. Your endorsements ring true. (Again, I hope everyone who cherishes our freedom will support Bundy for Governor and Cleveland for US Senate.)

Regarding community colleges, Idaho Speaks has done an excellent series of interviews with North Idaho College (NIC) Trustees. See https://idahospeaks.com/tag/nic/. Although Ada County cannot vote for NIC Trustees, the candidates discuss general issues faced by community colleges. It's worth a listen to understand how important these colleges are to Idaho's communities and future.

As for magistrate judges, you're 100% correct. The system is BROKEN! Magistrate judges are little-known yet wield great power over people's lives. Magistrate Court includes Civil, Juvenile, Traffic and Misdemeanor Criminal, and Domestic Violence.

I recommend everyone Vote NO on magistrate judge retention unless you know the judge is excellent. A non-retention vote creates a vacancy, and a new judge will be appointed. Voting NO is more secure than leaving the ballot blank.

More details about magistrate judges follow:

Magistrate Judges are selected by a District Magistrates Commission for an initial 18-month probationary term. Commission evaluates judges just before 18-month term expires, and decides whether to end probation, extend it, or remove judge from office. Following successful probation, magistrate judges enter a four-year term, after which they are subject to a retention election by voters every four years.

Selection Process: https://ballotpedia.org/Idaho_Magistrate_Division

Magistrates Commission: https://adacounty.id.gov/judicial-court/magistrate-court/magistrate-commission/

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