Rumor has it that the incumbent in East Bonner County library race had $20K in campaign funding for an unpaid position. I heard a radio ad on north idaho radio that spun it as "if you don't want your library materials to be restricted..." suggesting that everything would be restricted, not just having restrictions on what children can access.

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"We need the Republican Party to step up throughout the state"...HEAR, HEAR!

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Brian, I voted for Steve Bender, but had not a clue on who the other two, so in my haste, I wrote you in. So you got one vote. Didn't the legislature recently do away from these separate elections for the future?

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I didn't know about the other two either, so I asked STEVE BENDER, who pointed me toward Terry Loftus.

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Thank you for update!

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I'm actually at a loss for words on the library election results, especially North Idaho (excluding Kootenai County). Leftists rely on apathy and false but consistent messaging, something that "conservatives" seem to fail countering time after time. The Library situation should have been a slam dunk for 'conservative' Idaho.

I recently joined Twitter to have more instant and direct information with Idaho politics, and the leftists are running circles around conservatives with their propaganda. The counter messaging by the Right, or Republican lawmakers is mediocre at best.

The left is at war, and if Republican and Conservative voters in Idaho think that they can be on auto-pilot and have things remain like they always have; they will one day wake up and ask, "What the hell just happened."

Leftists are salivating about planting their flag in the heart of Idaho just like they've done in surrounding states that they've destroyed. Idaho will be icing on the cake. People better wake up.

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You are right on target 🎯, Lance Williams! Messaging 💬 is all the other side cares about and truth rarely gets injected 💉 into those messages.

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We lost our tax dollars but kept our library.

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White conservative Idahoans are working long hours with little time to spend on politics. I would make a comment on the other side, but I know nothing of them. Other than to call The Orkin Man on them. Is it me or is it cold in here?

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Excellent analysis, Brian, as always (for some reason, I always mistype your name as "BRAIN" 🧠 in a keyboard faux pas).

As you pointed out, we know that we've won on the IDEAS, but not on their spread and implementation.

Q: What must conservatives do to WIN?

A: Raise MORE money to get the *accurate* word out and follow the lead of the other side even though the tactics can be distasteful.

The Charlie Kirk podcast titled "Fox News, R.I.P.? with Citizen Kane and Donald Trump Jr." (36 min) further supports this argument in an interview segment with Donald Trump Jr: https://thecharliekirkshow.com/podcasts/the-charlie-kirk-show/fox-news-r-i-p-with-citizen-kane-and-donald-trump

Of course, the media/social media are a big part of all this. A recent article by Sarah Clendenon in Idaho Dispatch titled "Idaho – Who Controls the Information You’re Receiving?" explains that many of our media are owned/controlled from out of state: https://idahodispatch.com/idaho-who-controls-the-information-youre-receiving/

Mentioned are:

* ADAMS PUBLISHING GROUP (APG) – based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

* TEGNA INC. – headquartered in Tysons, Virginia.

* McCLATCHY MEDIA NETWORK – based in Sacramento, California.

* STATES NEWSROOM – offices in Chapel Hill, N.C., and Washington, D.C.

* SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP, INC. – located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

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This article from Idaho Tribune explains it all!

Voter Turnout, NOT Slander, Behind Kootenai County Library Victory — Parents Voted En Masse For KCRCC Candidates To Protect Children From Harmful Materials In Their Library | The Numbers Don’t Lie. When Conservatives Show Up, Conservatives Win.: https://www.idahotribune.org/news/voter-turnout-not-slander-behind-kootenai-county-library-victory-parents-voted-en-masse-for-kcrcc-candidates-to-protect-children-from-harmful-materials-in-their-library

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