Very helpful summary, Brian. Thank you! I mostly agree that we should try to change the Republican Party from within. Perhaps this will be possible now with new party leadership.

I did want to mention that Independent Party candidates for US Senate (Scott Cleveland) and Idaho Governor (Ammon Bundy) are long-time Conservative Republicans who were not supported by Republican Party leadership. Moreover, they had no chance to win against powerful Republican Party establishment candidates Mike Crapo and Brad Little, respectively, in the Republican primaries. Hence, their only choice was to switch to the Independent Party, gain momentum and support, and win their elections in November.

I know both men. Both are far more conservative than their Republican opponents. Both are American patriots who aren’t in it for money or power. Rather, they staunchly support Idaho and American exceptionalism, the United States Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Moreover, both have business and management experience, are not part of the “good old boy” network most voters have come to dislike intensely, and want America and Americans to thrive. I hope Republican voters will consider their merits and their past affiliation with the party.

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Thank you Brian. Very informative and helpful. As for the vote for Israel, God is pretty clear about support, so the Idaho GOP should be too.

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