Thank you, Brian, as always, for an excellent assessment!

Our Substack's Take Action page (https://eolson47.substack.com/i/137540582/support-idaho-h-no-taxpayer-funds-teachers-unions) asked readers to write the House in support of H602. Could doing so have educated the legislators enough to vote for it? Please think about the possible consequences of inaction the next time you’re asked to call or write in support or opposition of a bill.

Voters will decide in the May 21 primaries whether they prefer legislators who serve special interests, or they favor legislators who put the taxpayers first.

Before re-electing an incumbent, please consult the one-stop-shopping scorecards at ThinkLibertyIdaho.com (https://thinklibertyidaho.org/legislator-scores/)!

In general, a high score on Idaho Freedom Foundation (https://index.idahofreedom.org/) or Institute for Legislative Analysis (https://scorecard.limitedgov.org/lawmakers?state=ID) means the legislator generally votes for good general-interest bills while a high score on Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI - https://scorecard.iaci.org/#/ ) means the legislator generally votes for bad special-interest bills.

Watch Week 9 Capitol Clarity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMWl1KyLkbg) to learn more about scorecards.

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To bad our children lost out to the unions. We have a handful of good solid conservative people in our legislature and the rest are Rino's at best. Sad state of affairs for a conservative state.

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