Agree “too many Critchfield’s not enough Labradors.”

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There are many things Idaho could do for free to increase its sovereignty:

Some states have a state defense force that answers to the governor, not to the president. It serves the state's needs even when the president sends the state's National Guard elsewhere. Utah has a law that allows the state to transfer the Utah National Guard's assets to the Utah state guard, which the president has no authority over.

Texas convinced the feds to locate some of fedgov's gold in their state.

North Dakota has their own state bank that doesn't have to obey the feds like private banks do.

The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill to create a process for the state legislature to forbid state government or local government cooperation with federal actions that violate the US Constitution.

Idaho could nullify certain federal violations of the US Constitution in more aggressive ways than that even.

These ideas poll well. There are links to the poll results in this post: https://secession.substack.com/p/poll-66-of-texas-voters-want-to-secede

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2022 Governor Candidate Ammon Bundy had a sound plan to reduce the influence of the Federal Government and to make Idaho the freest state in the country. Bundy's website is still online for voters who wish to see what they missed: https://www.votebundy.com/

Check out his views on federal lands, a host of other key issues, and his Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan:

* Federal Lands: https://www.votebundy.com/issue/federal-land-control

* Issues: https://www.votebundy.com/issues/

* Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan: https://www.votebundy.com/about/keep-idaho-idaho-plan/

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