Great analysis. Very sad result. So many of us came to Idaho because we looked at all the "Rs" next to the names of those in our legislature and executive branch, and said "Yep. Let's Go Idaho!". What we found instead is the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing you described here: https://gemstate.substack.com/p/wolves-in-sheeps-clothing

๐Ÿ‘€ (11 min video) WATCH Rep. Heather Scott shred Gov. Brad Little's special session legislation | Sep 1, 2022: https://youtu.be/kOslJRWBocQ . Amid disrespectful interruptions by Scott Bedke and others in the House, this hero of our Idaho legislature still managed to get her objections heard and showed real integrity.

Republicans must get back to their conservative roots or our state and country will be lost forever! Please, voters, consider the candidate not just the party affiliation. We've seen the sad results of Republicans voting with Democrats. It's time for a change!

I hope the November voters will realize something crucial: The party affiliation of a candidate matters little (pun intended); principles and character matter much. Consider a qualified Independent, for example. JUST LOOK, at the very least.

And, please, vote in person on election day! Early and mail-in (or no voting) makes election fraud easier. Find your polling place here: https://elections.sos.idaho.gov/ElectionLink/ElectionLink/ViewPollingLocation.aspx

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I watched the live action on Youtube, and then, poof it was gone. So then I went to facebook and was able to see it through the IFF broadcast. I don't know a lot of the players, but I was impressed with Heather Scott, Tammy Nichols along with Gayann DeMordaunt. Those representatives spoke for me on many of the issues that I am concerned about, but unfortunately as you stated Brian, this was already decided. When some politicians stated they were against the process or something that was in it, but were going to vote for it, that showed me how weak and unprincipled they are. This is what people are sick of, just smoke and mirrors and political theater from establishment types and no true debate. I too am shocked at how many squish GOP members there are and agree with you Brian, that if Raul ends up being the AG, things will change for the better since he has a strong spine.

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