If we did not have selecting machines, If, If, we did not have drop boxes, If there was no mail in voting. We would have different results. All must go.

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I agree. We must change the laws. Dorothy Moon tried to do that. The Senate thwarted her.

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Great job on the analysis, Brian. Now we need solid solutions! I'm not sure what the answer is, but voter education and collaboration among like-minded conservatives are essential. Conservatives run too many great candidates who tend to spread donation money too thin to oppose the less-conservative big-money candidates.

I wrote the following on January 19, 2022. It is still relevant, though we now must include conservatives who were not elected in the Idaho primaries and should have been.

Please do not let this happen again. We need to ensure that long-time Idahoans as well as new liberty-loving transplants can live in peace and liberty. Also, we need to stop looking at the letter R, D, etc. after people’s names and focus on character, belief systems, honesty, integrity, and actions. A person’s party does not define him or her: character does.

My note from January 19, 2022:

Conservative Collaboration

I would love to see true conservative candidates campaign and appear together to leverage their time, fundraising, and volunteer resources — appropriately and legally, of course. Such collaboration could help voters recognize and elect a slate of great Idaho conservatives for our state, especially for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate, and (maybe) U.S. House.

This collaboration also could create difficulties for well-funded opponents and media to attack and defeat true conservatives. Sample collaborations might include: Bundy (Gov), Giddings (Lt Gov), and Cleveland (U.S. Senate) assuming all agree on principles and character.

With so many candidates and issues vying for apathetic, demoralized, and uninformed voter attention, strong messages from a strong team of candidates for several offices could help everyone win — especially Idahoans who cherish freedom and our Constitution.

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May 20, 2022Liked by Brian Almon

Voter turnout is disappointing to me as a transplant. I have spoken to many of my neighbors who came from failing Blue States (oxymoron) and they said they want to make sure they don't have to go through that again. Voters new and old need to be reminded what is at stake. There has to be a coordinated attack on the candidates that will vote the failed policies of failed states and expose them to the electorate and also have a voters rally. Voter apathy seems to be alive and well and we need to change that trajectory to make the difference.

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I think this starts at the precinct level. I will do my best as a PC to get my neighbors informed and involved.

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