If the proponents of “Save our School’s” were so worried about public education then they would take a hard look at the reading and math scores of the kids in Idaho public school system and push for true standards of public education that promotes academic efficiency and success! Parents I believe, across the board pull their kids out of the public school system because the education “indoctrination” within the public system is so objectionable and contrary to what they want for their children. A test should be done where a public school return their focus on academic achievement- true unadulterated US history and civics-mathematics, reading, writing and English. Maybe start each day with the pledge of allegiance to our flag! I predict that parents would embrace sending their kids to this school!

The fight between advocates for public schools and those supporting school choice has devolved because government subsidized entities never can compete with the private sector and when threatened with money being reallocated and therefore making the public system compete - instead of rising to the occasion - they would rather embrace outside money to smear school choice advocates and protect their paychecks and benefits. There are many really good teachers and dedicated educators in the public school system that unfortunately have been forced to comply with mandates of the public school unions rather than do what’s good for those that they are supposed to be serving, the kids of Idaho.

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I just can’t imagine with all the indoctrination, lack of real education, what kind of young adults/marxist are being developed.

These proponents don’t care about the end product succeeding and contributing to society, they are more concerned to having the trough where the money is spent drying up. I agree, there are some really great teachers and they are imprisoned with the status quo education system. That is why school boards matter and we should continue to out strong conservatives on all that we can.

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