Amen, brother.šŸ˜‡

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Good post, Brian, and I generally agree. Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure what we can change and what we cannot. For example, our Founders might have thought their task of creating a free and enduring nation was impossible. Who could rise up against a powerful King's army and win, after all? But our founding patriots tried, they believed in themselves, and they did it!

Until one tries and tries again -- and then either fails or gives up -- one cannot know what can be changed.

Also, it's easier to change something when you have a strong team to help. Few people can make big changes to the outside world without help.

Here are some other things I know:

* I cannot change the bad character of some. Those people I avoid if possible.

* I cannot change centuries old animosities among countries. Those animosities I try not to fund or make worse.

* I cannot change human nature. But I can try to ameliorate it or avoid the worst humans.

* I cannot change a man into a woman (or vice versa), make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or turn lead into gold.

Of other changes, I cannot be certain until I try.

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A wise philosophy to allow the individual to focus on their daily existence and move to excellence in the execution of it. There are sayings and thoughts that enter into our minds at critical lifetimes and junctures we all face.

Religious teaching is one of great influences in many lives. Some are motivated by secularism (flavor of the week) types. Others in a crisis may move to Stoicism to get them through it. It is important to assess the willingness of others to accept new ideas, reforms, and concerns

that move forward under banner of "We the people." Our lifetimes are finite, and we should move by the priorities and responsibilities of our human existence and try to find an individual balance and harmony with a sense of mental order and comfort. An understanding of the past living in the present and moving forward step by step into the future is life! I'll leave the rest of it to those who search for time and place to determine when and where that is.

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