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Thank you Brian. As a follower of Christ I struggle with social media and playing nice with those I vehemently disagree with. Too many times the bad in me is put in text or memes. I know the left needs Jesus and I would love to just tell them that, but they would think I was being disingenuous.

I was in a small group recently through our church and one of the members was the former minority leader for the GOP in your former State Brian. He is a Godly man and we spoke about battling those to the left and he stated the same, that most are lost, some are evil and doing the devils' handiwork. He stated that he always had an open door policy while in the house of WA state and came to have good relationships with those he opposed on political grounds and at times they would come and ask for advice or prayer. This is a far better man than me and I have to remind myself these people are lost in the World and have no understanding of God's grace.

Being Salt and Light is something to strive for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

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