1. You wrote: I know many Republicans who otherwise agreed with [Bundy] but were put off by the many controversial events in which he took part.

I'm thinking: It's perhaps not the controversial events as much as the controversial and biased reporting on those events. Bundy stood up for innocent people (including a beloved but ill baby, those under tyrannical mask mandates, and property takings from his family and other families) when no one else would or could.

To see what Idaho might look like had Bundy become governor, check out his Keep Idaho Idaho Plan: https://www.votebundy.com/about/keep-idaho-idaho-plan/

2. Raul Labrador: He'd probably be a great governor, but we need him as AG for quite a while (much as Ron DeSantis should have focused on being Governor rather than running for President). I'd like to see Janet McGeachin or one of our more conservative current or past legislators run for Governor and/or Lt. Governor.

3. I would have liked to see a few more "issues" listed such as: Stop Medical Mandates and Globalist Control over Idaho Citizens, Combat the Effects of an Open Border, Preserve 2nd Amendment, Cut Back on Entitlements to the Able-Bodied and Non-Citizens, Ensure Fair Elections, Stop Ranked Choice Voting.

4. Voter Guide - Would like to see a succinct guide with links to more detailed reasons for each endorsement. You could break it down for statewide, districts, counties, and municipalities as appropriate. This will be a HUGE job - maybe a sortable database is needed. Not sure.

Candidates: List each candidate and party affiliation. Use underline bold link for drilling down regarding your endorsement. (No bold or link if you have no opinion.)

Issue: Description (brief). Use underline bold link for drilling down regarding why you are for/against. (No bold or link if you have no opinion.)

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I think for the voters Guide you should list your endorsements and why. You did one in the past and I used it as a guideline, but didn't follow it to a T, as in respect I was on the Josh Tanner bandwagon since I had met him and if I remember correctly you were surprised on his win.

I agree I would love Raul as Governor but we do need him for AG to keep the establishment in line. As for someone to run against Little, that would be a tall measure. Who on here would have some names to throw out as possible conservative candidates? When Little will not debate the GOP primary opponents, Little can hide his lousy big spending record.

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