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Well done Brian and I would give Dorothy Moon an honorable mention at minimum. Dorothy certainly takes a lot of hits and still comes out swinging at the left and establishment.

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Well chosen, and awesome that you are using proper pronouns for these bravest of people.

Perhaps a slate of worthy runners up would make a good follow up.

Thanks as always for your insights and good judgment, Brian.

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New to Idaho, but have been really impressed with the tenacity shown by those faithful conservatives that are willing to take on, not only the progressive leftists, but also stand firm against the elite RINOs clinging desperately to power within the state. Both your choices exemplify true states-persons - and I would humbly add Dorothy Moon who has also stood firm in an onslaught of attacks by detractors on both sides of the isle.

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Well done, Brian!

Mayor Pierce is a tue visionary.

He has surely left his mark upon the City of Eagle, most notably, the preservation of

St Mary’s Catholic Church, now located at CIty Hall. Currently known as The Eagle Museum, a treasure trove of Eagles humble beginnings. We owe a debt of gratitude to Jason Pierce.

Congratulations to both Jason and Glennetta, for their selfless contributions to the State of Idaho.

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Victory in Truth!

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