Spot on. The way to protect us from rogue foreign state players is NOT to give unlimited power to rogue domestic state players...

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Agree 100%. Section 230, banning internet communication, and the RESTRICT ACT all are "Patriot Act" style dangers to freedom masquerading as freedom protection.

Big general issues:

* Bills are too complicated.

* Staff provide "interpretation" for legislators unwilling or unable to dive into the weeds.

* Legislators vote as recommended by staff (often Deep State people with their own agendas).

Can you provide a convenient way for voters to discourage legislators from supporting this dangerous, Democrat-sponsored, slippery slope piece of legislation? Something like this:


Dear [federal representative name]

Please OPPOSE "Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act" (https://www.warner.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/2/b/2b4f7206-6125-4edb-b925-7e4c64f14bdb/620D5CBA3AE75F38CE6C4D38537684C2.final-two-pager.pdf) if it comes up for a vote.

The RESTRICT ACT, sponsored by Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, endangers free speech on the Internet. While banning TikTok could be a good idea, this Act is so general that it can and most probably will be weaponized against American Citizens, much as the Patriot Act has done.

See more details at: https://gemstate.substack.com/p/the-digital-patriot-act


P.S. If you have solutions or suggested solutions to something bad that's about to happen to us all, please place those solutions front and center. Busy voters are far more willing to voice their objections when they have a simple, clear path to doing so. Something like this:

PROBLEM (or EXECUTIVE SUMMARY): Describe the problem as you see it. Let people know there's more detail below.

SOLUTIONS: Offer some citizen action items, including suggested text and contact info.

DETAILS: Provide the detail for those who wish to delve.

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At the same time that the House of Representatives is investigating the Weaponization of Government, our own Senator Crapo of Idaho is a co-sponsor of this act which will hyper-weaponize the DC powers.

Unbelievable. I think he has been in DC for too long.

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