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Well stated, Brian! Thank you for writing about this very concerning issue. ESG pervades Dun & Bradstreet rankings, IACI, vaccine passports, credit reports, and so much more. As for most freedom-stealing ideas, ESG is being implemented gradually, so most people don't notice -- boiling the frog again.

I first learned about the dangers of ESG from Tracey Koellisch who ran for Legislative District 14A in the Republican Primary. She said this could be one of the greatest dangers we face and addressed it on her campaign website: https://traceyforidaho.com/issues/. Sadly, she did not win her race, so we have one less strong fighter against ESG in our legislature.

The Global Walkout / Reignite Freedom offers concrete steps for saving our freedom, financial lives, and our health. New steps are announced every week! Readers may wish to explore this organization (I'm not affiliated with them, though have tried to implement and share their ideas).

Here are some ESG-fighting steps they've announced so far:

Step 1: Pay Cash Only (for one week or as long as possible): https://globalwalkout.com/step-1/

Step 2: Locate and Support Family-Run Grocery Stores and Markets! https://globalwalkout.com/step-2/

Step 3: Unsubscribe from Mainstream Media Outlets: https://globalwalkout.com/step-3/

Step 4: Support Smaller Banks: https://globalwalkout.com/step-4/

Step 9: Encourage Businesses to Display a Poster that Says, ‘Cash is Preferred’ (goes with Step 1): https://globalwalkout.com/step-9/

More About Reignite Freedom

👉 Reignite Freedom's global walkout website: https://reignitefreedom.com/.

📩 Join the global walk out (provide your email address and country, get notified about the weekly steps): https://globalwalkout.com/join-the-walkout/

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