Absolutely spot on, Brian. I'm watching the 13 hour replay of "We the Patriots" Conference held in Boise recently. Everyone should listen to at least some of this. One speaker mentioned that we have 3 votes, with the voting booth being the least important. The other two are: Where we spend our money and Where we work. I'd like to add two more: The ideas we share and the people with whom we share them!

We are becoming / have become a Marxist country, whether we admit it or not. The goal of the Marxists is to rot our country from within, and they have done that by attacking every institution and branch of government and its people, including constitution, education, law enforcement, judicial, legislative, executive, medicine and formerly trusted institutions. Their fear and propaganda efforts have been methodical and their results devastating.

Here are a few tip-of-the-iceberg links for those who wish to dive deeper:

--> We The Patriots USA Conference <--

* Editorial: By Bob Shillingstad): https://redoubtnews.com/2023/06/the-power-of-one-person/

Quote: It was a great conference that included Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Charlie Kirk, Steve Deace and many other speakers. If there was one consistent message throughout it was this: Be courageous and don’t be silent no matter the cost, you can make a difference.

* Schedule of Speakers & Events: https://wethepatriotsusa.org/conference-schedule-2023/

* Video Replay (13 hr 52 min, you can fast forward to find each speaker): https://rumble.com/v2t3ex0-we-the-patriots-usa-national-conference-2023-replay.html

--> The Highwire Episode 323: Crisis of Trust (video 2 hr 16 min) <--

* https://thehighwire.com/ark-videos/crisis-of-trust/

Topics: ‘The Great Awakening’ Global Premiere ~ Jaxen Report (don't miss this segment): German data on Excess Mortality implicates the vaccine | SARS CoV-2 / Vaccines & cancer | History of euthanasia and population control ~ Restoring Trust in Doctors ~ One Doctor’s Very Rude Awakening. Guests: Dr. Kat Lindley, Dr. Michael Turner

--> The Great Awakening Movie (1 hr 47 min) <--

* Official website: https://plandemicseries.com/watch-the-great-awakening-movie/

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/Plandemic3Movie/status/1666655253477859328

--> Saving Arizona: Charlie Kirk's Speech to the Republican Women of Prescott, AZ (podcast 1 hr) <--

* https://thecharliekirkshow.com/podcasts/the-charlie-kirk-show/saving-arizona-my-speech-to-the-republican-women-o

Applies to every state that still has citizens who want to save America. Patriots must get out the vote and they MUST vote: Several mission critical election solutions offered in the Q&A (podcast 1 hr):

There's so much more, but the above should keep everyone busy!

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"Impose our will?" This is certainly one way to make the conservative movement so unattractive to swing voters and others that we don't win a POTUS election for another twenty years. Why not just write "crush our enemies and throw them in prison?" This kind of stuff just flat out turns people off. Ronald Reagan didn't talk this way. Not even close. And look what he did. He reached out to people on the other side. The guy who wrote the Obergefell gay marriage decision was Justice Kennedy, a died in the wool republican appointed by Ronald Reagan. Do we throw Reagan overboard now?

Arguing that the decision was "imposed" by a bunch of nutty lefties isn't exactly true. Frankly, the ship has sailed on that one, courtesy of the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects interracial and gay marriages. While continuing to write about it scores points with the base and helps with fund raising, it turns off people who might vote republican for other reasons. Seriously, as a conservative, WHY SHOULD I CARE about what consenting adults do in their own bedrooms? I do not care, and neither do a lot of other conservatives. If government can put someone in prison for a 15 minute sex act with someone of the same sex why can't it regulate sexual practices between consenting heterosexual couples? Like, I might add, it used to be in the good old days when the "infamous crime against nature" was (at least in the law books, enforcement was another thing) applicable to straight people as well. And if government can regulate sexuality between consenting adults why can't it regulate interracial marriage, both being based on one's beliefs as to what is moral and what is not. As far as Trump is concerned, Bill Barr and John Bolton, both with impeccable conservative credentials, have condemned him and think 45 is "toast" if the indictment is proven. If we've reached the point on our side where Barr and Bolton are "Marxists" or closet libs then, well, that's just crazy. Government should not be in the business of telling people what to think, which is why I'm not into the "woke" stuff. That is the essence of being American, and the essence of the 1st Amendment. "Imposing" one's will on others is authoritarian and not American. Yeah, if you win elections you get to do things. Thinking that you're going to rejigger how everyone thinks now, or get people who fundamentally disagree with you to change how they think by criminalizing their thinking, is a recipe for losing elections. It turns people off. Just my opinion.

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Sounds like you want to impose your will on your fellow Americans. Personally I would start with imposing paragraphs on your text.

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Theres too much treason going on in DC. None in power are held accountable for their treason. But the little guy better not step out of line.

Conservatives have conserved nothing, nothing at all. Why do you think we call them chucks?

The rot of DC; https://ahtrimble.com/2023/06/12/warning-feds-expecting-wanting-violence/

One more thing what is flooding thru out southern border is illegals/invaders not migrants. Stop that crap and call them what they are, words have meanings, they are illegals. And our tax dollars are used by those in DC in a highly coordinated apparatus in an effort to replace the legacy white american. Folks like Micheal Yon have documented this, it’s a fact.

As for Ganz Verruckt, that right there is what a chuck sounds like.

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