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"Pike won with 5,444 votes and 55.2% of the vote, over Pierce’s 4,427 votes. Turnout hit 41.8% of Eagle’s 23,610 voters, which is slightly less than the 43.1% of voters who came out in November."

Sadly, the Treasure Valley (along with much of Idaho) has continued its march left: Boise, Meridian, and now Eagle. Jason Pierce's defeat should be a huge wake-up call for conservatives. Democrats know how to get out the vote while conservatives remain disengaged. Turnout should have been HUGE for this race, but it was not.

I'm sad for Eagle and can only hope Jason Pierce's legacy will survive. Fortunately, the city council and most employees in the city agencies that Pierce helped build are competent.

I sincerely hope Jason Pierce will stay active and engaged with Eagle and Idaho, as he has for decades. His presence as mayor will be sorely missed by those of us who fled to Eagle from left-leaning cities and states and who appreciate just how amazing Mayor Pierce's accomplishments were.

The sun may have risen today, but its light has dimmed.


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