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Confession: I used to be rabidly anti-gun until I learned what 2A really meant and why our Founders wrote "shall not be infringed" in the text of 2A.

I've never felt safer than when I know good guys with guns are carrying. Some schools in Idaho do allow trained teachers to have access to firearms. These schools are inherently safer.

Good guys with guns typically are the most responsible. They learn how to use them properly, understand when such use is allowed, practice their skills and safety procedures, and keep their guns in safe working order. Bad guys with guns only want them in order to hurt people or to aid in committing crimes.

Automobiles offer a good analogy: Good drivers drive them safely and do not inflict intentional harm. Bad drivers can kill themselves and others -- sometimes intentionally. Do we ban automobiles because they, too, can be used as weapons? (You could use the same argument for kitchen utensils as well.)

If you take away the ability for good guys to defend themselves and others, the bad guys always win!

The second amendment should be inviolable.

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