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🔥 ISRAEL & GAZA STRIP IN FLAMES - some additional resources

* Did Israelis Cause the Hamas Invasion? Ammon Bundy comments about how Israelis were slaughtered in part because their government left them defenseless, restricting their access to ammunition and firearms. The tragic and ongoing lesson: You MUST be able to defend yourself against people who want to hurt you. Your government cannot and probably will not help if you come under attack (video 13 min): https://www.youtube.com/live/xFd1k_oR-7U?feature=shared

* Israel vs. Hamas Massacres, by Isaac Saul on X. An informed, balanced view of the tragic yet inevitable Gaza quagmire from a current and historical perspective. This may be the best commentary you will ever read. The article, which is rather long but riveting, opens: “People ask me all the time if I am "pro-Israel" because I am a Jew who has lived in Israel, and my answer is that being "pro-Israel" or being "pro-Palestine" or being a "Zionist" does not properly capture the nuance of thought most people do or should have about this issue. It certainly doesn't capture mine.” https://twitter.com/Ike_Saul/status/1711780282725011520

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