Bravo! One of your best. Thank you Brian. Good luck tomorrow! Take lots of Photos and video.

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I hope everyone will compare the photos Brian takes today at Boise Pride Fest with those taken yesterday at gubernatorial candidate Bundy’s “Keep Idaho IDAHO” Rally: https://www.votebundy.com/media/campaign-photos/.

The rally was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and freedom. (And, please do not ignore the Bundy message or the messenger. If you take the time to actually listen to and meet Mr. Bundy, you would appreciate him greatly.)

Bundy's 41 minute Keep Idaho IDAHO Rally speech is here: https://www.votebundy.com/media/videos/?watch=september-10-2022-keep-idaho-idaho-rally-in-the-treasure-valley-ammon-bundys-speech

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