Thank you, Brian, for supporting Doug Traubel's candidacy for Ada County Sheriff.

I met and emailed Doug Traubel several times during this campaign. I asked him pointed questions about what's ahead for Ada County and America. I met those who support Doug's run for Sheriff. All are people who will protect and stand for freedom.

Doug answered forthrightly all the objections leveled at him by those who support his opponent. We read large parts of his book. We saw him in action during several campaign events and a memorial for fallen officers.

I've known Doug Traubel for a short time. But I've seen evidence that his kindness, humanity, intelligence, and integrity are outstanding. So are his skills and strong record as a law enforcement professional. I was honored to attend a small memorial service Doug led at the Idaho Peace Officers Memorial on May 15, 2022. I've never been so moved by the love and respect Doug showed for fallen officers and their families. (Some Facebook comments to the contrary by people who did not attend were false and unfair.)

I also have spoken with Matt Clifford on several occasions. He did not answer my email questions, but we conversed in person. I was most concerned by those who support him and who have said unkind and untrue things about Mr. Traubel. Those who support Matt Clifford also support candidates who are NOT conservative (including Scott Bedke and Brad Little) and have said negative and untrue things about candidates who ARE conservative (including Priscilla Giddings).

Matt is a nice man and appears well-liked. However, we need a strong, principled Sheriff who surrounds himself with great people to lead Ada County.

Ada County is at a tipping point: A Constitutional Sheriff who can lead with humanity, humility, proactivity, skill, and integrity is essential. Doug's that man.

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Thank you Brian for a thoughtful, unbiased view of this very important race for Sheriff. There are examples everywhere in this country of "law enforcement professionals" that have personal /political agendas that supersede the the will of the people as well as the law. The need for a forthright Constitutional Sheriff is more important than ever, Doug Traubel has our confidence and our vote.

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I sincerely appreciate this in-depth, honest evaluation of the Sheriff's race. Thank you, Brian!

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