That’s interesting River Quarry uses a CA address when they also list an Idaho address on their website.


Here is one partner on the LLC:


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Thank you, Brian. I have shared this article with my Conservative Idaho friends, along with the following message…

Brian’s article re-affirms so well what I learned last week while speaking to supporters of a candidate after the formal presentation.

Before voting, ask:

1. Which OTHER candidates do these supporters back?

2. Do they OPPOSE high-quality conservative candidates for other offices on your own “yes-yes-yes” list?

3. Do they SUPPORT candidates for other offices on your own “no-no-never” list?

If you answered YES to #2 or #3 above, you might want to dig deeper. Ask more questions of the candidates themselves!

Unfortunately, some supporters of the candidate I met were former law enforcement betting on the strong “back the blue” sentiment in Idaho. I was shocked at what they said — untrue — about the opposition candidate. I was equally shocked at the comments for and against candidates running for other offices. Birds of a Feather? Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing? Both clichés may apply.

(Note: I’m being intentionally vague about specific candidates so as not to offend or overtly influence.)

Thank you all for keeping an open mind and doing your own research. And, thank you Brian for your superb analysis and writing.

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I’m a Retired Lieutenant with the NYPD living in Idaho, I want Idaho to stay red and I’m voting for Janice McGreachin

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