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Spot on analysis! The gloves are completely off at this point. Might as well take down the Stars and Stripes and make a new flag with with a giant banana on it to hoist over the Capitol.

The goal is to destroy this country, and indeed, the world; and then cast it anew into the dystopian feudal dream of eternal suppression of the masses (those that survive the death vax at least), and eliminate all freedoms and faith in anything other than THE STATE. They will not suddenly have a change of heart or be appeased by concessions.

What makes up 99.9% of elected or appointed people in the Republican party are either too feeble minded to grasp the reality of what is happening here, or are compromised and no more than controlled opposition.

There middle ground is gone. Many old adages from the past spring to mind. As a Christian, the ones from Scripture ring loudest for me…”Choose you this day whom ye shall serve”.

I still am not without hope, but the path through is likely laden with misery for many. God be with us all.

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Good article as always.

Trump is going to find out what happens to those that come to the brink but then walk away. If events bring you to the Rubicon, at that point you have to cross it or else. Trump turned away, his enemies will not.

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Brian, this is a wonderful piece that confounds me as to how you are reading my mail! It is undeniable that "beast' has infiltrated every aspect of our lives! I do nor know the rules of Substack however I would like to quote Naomi Wolf's article "Facing the Beast", if I may, as it sums up where I believe we all find ourselves: " Because the bear had been growing more and more comfortable emerging from the woods; he grew more and more comfortable exploring our trash and then he took over territory in exploring our lawn; he was “habituated” ultimately, as bear watchers say; he had ownership of the lawn and was circling the house to mark his territory. He was comfortable at last in stalking the homeowners.

He was here because — I had done nothing to stop him. He was here because I let him slowly take over our home.

My not being able to look directly at the bear did not make me any safer. My denial put me in greater danger.

Aside from the anxiety and stress of the reality of this metaphor, is the total bewilderment I have watching the "conservative/independent" representatives, are feeding and assisting in "habituating" the very beast that is long past sniffing our garbage but is already in "our very bodies"! It appears that they are completely neutered and have no ability to stop the "bear" other than to "hone their horns" and make a scary noise, which I might say only irritates the bear!.

All of the veiled threats, letters, lame duck congressional wrist slapping is becoming an obvious enjoyment to the current administration as it proves their point that they are unstoppable.

All that to say again, thank you for this piece. I pray that it, along with others, it will wake the masses into action other than keyboard strokes. As Dr. Seuss in "Oh The Places You'll Go". ...get your feet in your shoes, and get your shoes in the street!

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I was disappointed in Trump and many in the GOP and their lack of support for the innocent people who were in DC on January 6th and the Federal abuses to them since then. Many of those people have not had their rights upheld and instead down right abused. If people were paying attention, this is just setting the standard for things to come.

I have always admired one thing about the left, is that when they seize power they go for it. The GOP always tries to play nice and reach across the aisle and just shows their weakness while selling out their constituents. You have to give it to Trump, because he doesn't hold back and I have to say I was hoping for someone like DeSantis because he isn't as much as a lightning rod as Trump is.

Here is a question, if you were in a street fight, would you take Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy with you?

Not me, we need some leaders in the GOP that actually take on the left and don't hold back instead of promoting people based on seniority.

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Where are the good and honorable FBI agents who are resigning en masse in protest of this preposterous overreach? When I see that happen I might retain a shred of faith in the system.

But it won't happen.

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Excellent analysis, Brian. Another persecuted freedom fighter, right here in Idaho, running for governor, is Ammon Bundy. He and his family were truly among the first to be targeted. Bundy is the "radical conservative" we need in Idaho to save our state, and it's time we stop treating him like he's radioactive in the conversation if we want a true constitutional conservative to protect our rights and freedoms in the governorship. NOBODY has proven his commitment to freedom and standing up to government overreach more than Ammon Bundy.

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