YAY! I read your piece for IFF and it was spot on. They are blessed to have you as the need for exposure these days is paramount! Keep up the good work!

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So glad to see you joining IFF as another erudite champion of freedom.

Boise has gone full woke, and soon will follow Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, etc. if citizens don't stop it. Most of the aforementioned cities are now singing the blues: abandoned by citizens who cannot take it any more, or LEFT to rot to the detriment of the poor souls who cannot escape. The inflated budgets are suffering too, since taxpayers are leaving in droves. If citizens here don't wake up, first Boise will fall, then all of Idaho will follow.

Keep on fighting the good fight, Brian. Thank you for being a strong and rational voice for freedom and sanity. We need Idaho and especially Boise citizens to wake up from their stupor, and truth to power before only power exists.

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