I concur with your point on the grocery tax. the rebate the state would give should more than cover the "normal" expenditure. For those that want to give it some thought, think about all of the big spenders that buy a lot of expensive grocery items..expensive meat cuts, etc...their "excess" if you will will provide tax income (they can afford it) and that excess income can be subsequently used to offset other taxes. Support a PROP 13 like tax that california has and california liberal politicians hate...i.e. a fixed 1 percent of purchase price based on WHEN you bought the property that cannot be increased. won't solve the big "target" you paint on your house when you can't pay it...but at least you know what it will be...

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time to turn the grocery tax into a benefit:

I'd rather see this turned into a BENEFIT rather than repealed. a significant benefit would be to give back to Idaho residents $300 per person (a family of four would get $1200. rebate). the rebate would be limited to a maximum income of $100,000 and then prorated up to $150,000 income with no benefit after that. this would be a way to capture all of the tourism spent in Idaho (significant). I'm quite certain that the majority of families in Idaho would fall into the $300 per person category and welcome it at the end of the year.

RE: Property tax: a very EASY way to give HOMEOWNERS (primary residence) property tax relief is increase the property tax exemption...triple it!

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