Never assume victory. Extreme anger equals extreme motivation. The fact is we are about to enter the battle of our lifetime defending the gains we’re expecting soon from the Supreme Court. It will be ugly and vicious. Buckle up.

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Brian, I am in awe of your bravery to enter into this abyss. I, As a male (yes male) member of the Boomer gen, have been repeatedly fed into the woodchipper over this very subject. Let me brag just a bit: My wife and I have been married 37 years.. We have 4 female daughters, (I feel that I have to properly identify them these days,). 3 of them with children and no abortions among them! No, they are not overall wearing homeschoolers, although several do homeschool. 3 of them successful, married, 1single and very successful 10 grand kids and blah, blah, blah. All that to say that from my ancient perspective wandering through an abortion ralley or for that matter having a "discussion" with an abortion advocate is like circling the bowl. There is only one ultimate outcome. I don't understand why it invariably begins with "no man should have a say regarding this issue" when they would not have an abortion issue without the introduction of male anatomy or bodily fluid. I will make a giant assumption that most abortion minded women usually do not enter the difficult world of in-vitro fertilization and then abort, so that introduction of fluid usually is delivered by a live male participant. Assuming he is participating willingly and the intended outcome of this particular interaction is two-fold: pleasure/pregnancy. It would seem then that something so particularly designed to utilize a male and female to accomplish a dual stated purpose, there should be by all logic that both the male and female should have equal "say" in the matter.

This is just the opinion of one closer to the exit who has great empathy for the ones who have farther to travel.

God Speed!

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